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Is there any Documentation about configuration file format?

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asked Nov 23, 2020 in Studio One 5 by erhardschwenk (1,870 points)

Is there any Documentation for the File Format Presonus StudioLive Mixers use to store their Settings (Channels, FX Parameters, Routing, EQ Setup etc.)?

Best thing would be to store such things in a well documented XML File Structure. Thus, Users could write their own Tools to manage Scenes, Channel Settings, Presets etc.

XML also would have more Benefits:

  • Presonus Developers could use some standard XML Library which are free available and would not have to worry anymore about configuration file readiing/parsing and writing.
  • Migration of Cofnfigurations between different Mixers could be done via XSLT Transformations in General. So, you could completely "translate" a Configuration from a 32S to a 32R (as far as the features are available) for fast Emergency Setups.
  • There could be a Community of developers writing tools like Scene Editors, Patch Managers etc. for those Consoles which could generate additional selling Arguments
  • Existing free DAW Software like Ardour could easily come with some Import Filters to generate a complete DAW Project from a Mixer Setup, including all Naming, Routing, FX Params etc.

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