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Is there any way to get emails about firmware updates

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asked Sep 30, 2016 in Ai Mixers by chrisbeckmann (210 points)
I always seem to find out about them when I have no access to internet and can't record with capture my setup stays where we practice and in order to do update I have to break down the rig and bring mixer home if I had warning I could download update and bring it with me to do update there I would be very greatful

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck (354,590 points)
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With your RM mixer, you can see if there are update every time you log into your user account. A red numerical indicator will be present when there is a new Firmware Update for you mixer. While you are logged into your user account, you have the ability to download the firmware right then and there and then take it to your practice space when time permits. We suggest that you go ahead and have a proper USB flash drive setup, formatted properly and then you can unzip the firmware files as described in the documentation on how to update you consoles firmware. Then, all you would need to do is to complete the update process when you get to the mixer.