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Problems with Audio Interface Changes when set as the Input Device for Audio

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asked Nov 23, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jasonforgione (120 points)

Issues when trying to record or playback. I am using the Presonus 1824C and when I enable that within Adobe Audition for the Input Device, that's when the problem occurs. It will play for a few seconds and then I will see "Detected Dropped Samples" followed by what sounds like a new USB device sound was plugged in and then Audition will pop up "Audio Hardware Changes Detected" even though nothing was changed. It seems to do this with Ableton Live as well. Please help as it is making recording tracks painful.

I initially thought it was the sound card so I installed a brand new one and disabled the onboard sound but I am still having the same issue. Then I disabled Plug and Play since that seems to be the sound I hear when the Audio Hardware changes. Something is wonky and is driving me nuts. 

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