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Fat Channel Plugins Not Installing on Studio Live 32s

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asked Nov 24, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by ryanwenzel1 (150 points)

Got my new Presonus Studio Live 32s console today. I installed the latest firmware. Registered the console to my device and I've been having a heck of a time getting the Fat Channel Plugins to install on my console.

-I open up Universal Control - Connect via USB - Settings - Plug Ins - Install

- It prompts me to install the Fat Channel Collection Volume 1 plugins, goes through install but stops and a prompt comes up that says "The Device Is Not Registered To Your Presonus Account" then I select Register the device now.

- It then goes through a plug-in authorization window, gets finished with that. Then nothing.

I don't see any plugins to authorize in the list. I restart my console. Nothing comes up in the plug-in list. It just says "install". The "Authorize" option is greyed out.

I have gone through this process about 20 times and still nothing. This is getting very frustrating.

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