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Midi parts not triggering.

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in Studio One 5 by grahammannerings (510 points)
Hi I am having a rather infuriating problem and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Windows 10 PC

Intel i5, 16GB RAM, All drives on SSD's

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Soundcard, Atom Controller.

The problem is totally intermittent. Sometimes on a midi track the midi notes will fail to trigger the corresponding vst.

I could have 8 1 bar notes all on the same note and all in one event but the first 3 will not trigger the vst but 4-8 will, if i loop the event all 8 will trigger the vst on the second run.

Sometimes if i change the input selection to none instead of all inputs it will now trigegr note 1 but sometimes not.

The really weird thing is I used to have exactly the same problem in Cubase SX about 18 years ago! Its totally intermittent and doesnt happen on all midi tracks. It doesnt matter what the vst instrument is either.


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answered Dec 1, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  I have no solution for you.  Suffice to say this is more a "same boat here, fella" reply than a full solution.  In my case it is a matter of recording a midi part with a keyboard and having it sound when I record but playback gives me no sound.  Nightmare.   Especially as I have a need for midi instruments.  Even "convert midi to audio" or "bounce to another track" results in a stereo track with no audio.  I have a work around- set up instrument track, add an audio track and make the input for the audio track as the output of (for example) the Impact XT.  It does require parallel recording.  You can arm both tracks to record BUT only monitor the audio track.  This way you get an audio track AND a midi performance track recorded.  As I say, its no solution and requires Presonus solving the underlying issue.  I have a ticket logged about the situation but it's been a holiday weekend.