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Are there any USB Midi Keyboard controllers working with S1 and the M1 MBP?

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asked Jun 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by larrywilliams24 (570 points)
I just bought a new M1 MacBookPro and installed S1 5.2.1.  It seems to be running fine with my Apogee Duet for audio.  However, I cannot get S1 to recognize either my M-Audio Ozone, or my Yamaha MOX8 and they both worked fine on my older MacPro (Intel).  I tried directly via usb and also with the USB midi input on the Duet.  I'm not sure if this is a Big Sur issue, an M1 issue or a Studio One issue?  Does anyone have a working midi keyboard controller with an M1 MacBookPro (or M1 MacMini), or know how to fix it?

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