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Add the keyboard view mode back as a "scale" in ATOM

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Annibale Hexe (4,650 points)

I've just upgraded to Studio One 5 and discovered that ATOM no longer has the keyboard view mode (blue and orange pads as black and white keys). I use to find it very useful when playing with ATOM as a keyboard in Studio One 4.

It would be great to have it back as a "scale", with the many others; maybe it could be the chromatic scale.

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answered Dec 6, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)
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answered Mar 1, 2021 by peterweiss2 (170 points)
That would really be so useful!
I just got my Atom and I searched for this mode for so long, didn't know they removed it.
I think it is available in other DAWs when you change to "keyboard mode", but I can't find it in Studio One 5...

They could just add something like "natural Keyboard scale" or so..