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How to get ripple edit to work when overlapping while dragging?

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in Studio One 5 by shadiradio (260 points)

When ripple edit is activated, dragging clips so they overlap clips behind or ahead of them doesn't cause rippling to occur, but instead placed where you copied them with new small clips to the left or right.

In this older video I can see the behavior I want at 1:30... is the current behavior a bug? If not, how do I get the behavior in the video?

1 Answer

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answered Apr 4 by jeroenwolff (430 points)
Exactly my issue with Ripple Edit. Coming from Reaper really would like the ripple edit feature performed like in reaper. Now when I draw it 'to far right' it ends up on the event instead of moving every event on the right.