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could the StudioLive-AR12c fulfil my live iPhone chat/singing requirements?

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asked Dec 11, 2020 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by gregoryrivers (200 points)

I have started live broadcasting to an iPhone app platform. I am hoping to use the PreSonus StudioLive AR18c as my mixer. I have watched several videos regarding the AR12c, but am still not sure if it can fulfil my needs, as below:


  • 1x speaking mic
  • 1x singing mic
  • 1x stereo backing music
  • input from the iPhone when chatting verbally with someone within the iPhone app (via Bluetooth, or USB/Lightning)


  • 1x headphones to me
  • 1x mixed stereo to the iPhone via USB/lightning.

(I have read PreSonus' statement about the USB connection to iOS, and understand that it may or may not be able to send the 1/2 mixed audio to the iPhone.)

My key requirements are:

when I am singing through the singing mic, that I can hear the vocal in my headphones as 100% dry while adding a reverb effect to the audio when sent to the iPhone through the 1/2 USB output.

when I am chatting in a video chat with another person in the iPhone app, that I can hear that person in my headphones.

so, situations:

1. I am talking to the app via the speaking mic with no need to hear anything from the app.

2. I am talking to the app via the speaking mic, while also being able to hear output from the app in my headphones; i.e., a second person chatting with me via the app. possibly sending audio (my voice) to the iPhone via USB, while receiving audio (the second person) from the iPhone via Bluetooth.

3. I am singing via the singing mic, delivering (a) 100% dry vocals and background music to my headphones, (b) delivering vocals with reverb effect, and background music to the iPhone app.

can the AR12c fulfil these requirements?

please let me know if more information is needed.



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answered Dec 11, 2020 by gregoryrivers (200 points)
edited Dec 11, 2020 by gregoryrivers

regarding the dry vocals to headphones... I think I understand the ARc system now. I could use one of the Aux buses as my headphones output and drop the FX levels on my vocal to 0 for the Aux bus.

I could also treat each of the Aux buses as a separate level mix, and choose which mix to send to the Control Room or Headphones outputs by pressing the AFL button. the AFL button does not affect output of the Main output, so don't use the Main outputs if planning to use this method. only use the Control Room outputs.

so with the AR12c, I could have two different mixes for output to the public (Main + Aux 1 via the Control Room output), and also a dedicated mix for my headphones (Aux 2).

could the FX bus be a separate mix as well? I think the manual states that if anything is plugged into the FX output, that the internal FX effects are bypassed.

are the Aux outputs Mono?

would I need a headphone amp if I connect my headphones (incl. in-ear monitors) to the Aux bus?

btw, is this an error in the manual?

AFL button. This button will solo the aux bus to the aux outputs after the fader.

should it be "to the main or control outputs" ?