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Unused bounced files really garbage my disc space. Add possibility to automatically delete them.

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asked Mar 5, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by chilly7 (440 points)
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My CPU cannot handl awrything i do in real time. Because i put very hard work on it. So i use option to render track to audio ( with ability to retern it to original state) totaly often. So i use this feature totaly often. And because of it i have emerging alot of unused bounses files. If i just manualy delete all files in bounce folder then i will touch thous which are currently in use as well.

So i request a feature which automaticaly will delete unused bounces file and leave thous which are in use until they are not in use.

I noticed a big problem. Unused bounced files really garbage my disc space. Is there a possibilities to automatically delete unused bounces files?

So he is my old topic


So i will continue it here.


Answer to Garry Knight.


Sorry for deleyed answer. I am busy right now. Here is a trick i do. How ever i have to worn that Presonus with an update can something mess up and it is not officially documented so use it at your own risk. 


How manually delete unused bounces files.

I use Mac so i do not know if it will work on Windows.

Start your song in Studio One and KEEP IT OPEN. 

Go to the trash can and fully empty it.

Go to the song's " Bounces" folder and put awrything in it to trash can.

Go to trash and select awry thing and press delete.

With some files it will report they are in use and cannot be deleted. In this case press "continue" button untill it will stop asking. ( In different localisetions this button might be called differently.)

Then the remaining files select and restore them back to the "bounces" folder.


Then go back to the song. Save it and close.

Then star the song again and you will see are dialog that some files are missing.

Select all of them and delete them.

Then save a song.


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answered Mar 6, 2016 by chilly7 (440 points)
Who thouse anonimus people who put dislikes to this thread? Do you want that your songs unnessesary waisted disk space because bounce folder do not automaticaly clean up unused bounces files? Or you do evil to me because you have no love.