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UC Surface controlled by FaderPort

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asked Dec 16, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by petrnajman (150 points)
Hey, I'd like to buy a controller for my DAW (Cubase 10 Pro), my interface is Presonus StudioLive 24R. If I understand correctly, FaderPort doesn't work with UC Surface, only with a DAW. Is there any chance that it will work with UC Surface any time soon? Thanks!


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answered Mar 17, 2021 by timbunch (210 points)
This would sell so many more Faderports.
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answered Jun 26, 2021 by cory baker (930 points)
yes that would be wonderful huh? I have a fader port 8, I have a focusrite 18/20, and a studio live mobile 192. It appears they dont care. Sorry i am venting as I am sickened to my core that they started this subscription service and dont offer the old upgrade price of 150. I paid more than $400 for studio one pro 3, upgraded to four for 150, and now they want another 3-4 hundred?!?!? Im so sick about this, and it was made especially irritating because almost all the bells and whistles in 4 were geared toward EDM and other **** that any moron could make knowing nothing about music, and thus, that is one reason everything that is popular sucks. I just feel like i got left by them. This issue with UC not connecting looks pretty widespread. If you are going to make a product, you had better make sure it works. This has been out or the remote app for years. THere is no reason they haven't made sense of this.
I kick myself because i paid 400 for the faderport, and another 600 earlier for the studio live mobile 192, and i could have just bought a 16.4.2 and never had to worry about trying to bring a computer to a gig, since frankly, most DAWs have better processing power and the ability to run any plug in or virtual instrument. The built in on the StudioLIve 16 channel mixers is basically a hardware version that appears as good as the DAW.

I make things as though just because it could work doesn't mean it will. The way i see it, i should be able to run my faderport right into my focusrite for control and it should work like a digital mxer like the rack ones PS offers. In a perfect world....