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ON the AR16c - my headphone do not reflect what the main outs are doing. The faders don't affect the headphones.

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asked Dec 24, 2020 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by WildBillyEsquire (120 points)
I have the AR16c mixer.  I use Studio One 4.6   It seems odd to me that the headphone mix does not seem to be able to replicate the "House mix."  That is... the sound that goes from Left and Right main outputs are effected by the main fader and the iindividual faders... and of course you can hear the pan.  BUT... the headphone are NOT effected at all by the Main OR Individual faders.  If you move them up or down the heapdhone volume stays the same.  And the headphone don't seem to reflect what I do with the pan knob.  This seems very strange to me.   Any help would be appreciated.

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