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Studio 1824c Interface/Universal Control: Why is there no loopback support for macOS?

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asked Dec 30, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by dantrenz (140 points)
I recently replaced an older Focusrite audio interface with a Presonus Studio 1824c interface and was very disappointed to discover that loopback was not supported on macOS by Presonus. This was particularly disappointing after having had this feature for years on an older interface. I see that it is supported on Windows, but I know that is is possible to support on macOS. I have a terrible work around for this, but it's a real pain and I can't recommend Presonus to anyone else until this key feature is supported on macOS.

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answered Feb 21, 2022 by paullearmonth1 (1,450 points)
Yep, I need this too.
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answered Mar 20, 2023 by feller1 (150 points)

Justement, j'ai remarqué cela par hasard sur la STUDIO 24 c pas de fonctionnalité  loopback sur Mac et La io station ?.

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answered Apr 6, 2023 by stevenschmidt (140 points)

you can use.   , its not free, but great product