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Studio 1824c loopback test yields different results on different channels

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asked Feb 15, 2023 in Studio One 6 by Brentalonious Monk (920 points)
Does anyone else have this problem? I did the loopback test out channel 3 and brought it into channel 1. Corrected it and it is spot on. Then I decided to see if a different length cable would yield a different result but no, it didn't. OK cool. Then I checked sending from 3 into channel 4 and the result was off a different amount and needed changing. then from 3 to 5 so on and so forth. Same cable, different results.

Anyone else run into this? Kind of annoying to have to have different numbers for each channel. You would think all channels would be the same. anyone have a workaround?

It seems like I will just have to nudge each track depending on what channel i send it back through. I'm just wondering if it's my device or if others are seeing the same issue. Thanks!

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