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Podcast (music & talk) production advice needed ...

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in Studio One 5 by patrickregan (380 points)
Hi, I do a little radio show/music podcast -  a bit of chat, play a track - and I use the Podcast Production template.

So I record my voice and and there are 2 inserts automatically applied: Fat Channel (which includes a noise gate, compressor, EQ & a limiter) and a de-esser.

I take that source and put it into iZotope RX7 to do a little editing work and then use that in the podcast. It's on a different track which has the Fat Channel insert but I have disabled the EQ as it sounds terrible with it.

It can take me several days to do this so there maybe slight variations on the volume of the spoken bits. I want to be able to make sure all the spoken bits sound the same in terms of volume and I want to be able to adjust the overall volume of the spoken bits up or down.

So I'm thinking I should normalise each spoken snippet (in S1 or RX7?) and then adjust the overall volume of the spoken track by adjusting the level on the limiter +/- db. Is this the right way to do it?


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