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Make MIDI mode exclusive to faders (i.e. enable transport buttons ) + Friendlier MIDI mode shortcut

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by fl16 (1,670 points)
edited Jul 22, 2021 by fl16
In my opinion the MIDI mode is particularly useful for those of us who need to control a few expression CC while we play and compose, particularly in film scoring when you control string ensembles or wind instruments.

However currently, if you use Faderport, you have to follow these steps:

1) Press Record

2) Press the 2 Shift buttons to enter MIDI mode

3) Record some notes of a wind ensemble while moving a few faders.

4) Press the 2 Shifts buttons to exit MIDI mode

5) Press Stop

My first observation is that the two shift buttons are spread away and it is quite difficult to press both of them with one hand (as you often do since the other one is on the keyboard) without moving by accident some of the gain faders.

This leads to my first Feature Request (Friendlier MIDI mode shortcut): Can you please allow us to enter MIDI mode with a single button or at least with Shift+User (two adjacent buttons)?

You may have also noticed that we only really need the faders to be sending CC values and it would be a huge time saver to be able to still use the other controls as in the normal mode (move between markers, play, stop, record notably). This would allow us to stop switching back and forth between normal mode and MIDI mode while recording and moving between markers. The track gain faders are normally used when you are mixing, not when you are recording, so we would exit the MIDI mode only while mixing.

Summing up, my second feature request is: can you please make MIDI mode exclusive to the faders?

Thank you for your work


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answered Aug 11, 2022 by triplefam (290 points)

2) Press the 2 Shift buttons to enter MIDI mode

I actually want this but for the exact opposite reason -- I want to make it more difficult to enter MIDI Mode! smiley

I'd imagine it being an option in the startup setup menu (when holding the first two select buttons)  It'd be nice if there were a few options for functionality, IE make it easier as you've been asking, but then perhaps an option to disable it entirely -- I want to use my left shift button as a Control, my right shift button as Alt, so that way I could do, say, Control + Alt + Click (but this cannot be done right now as pressing left shift + right shift activates MIDI mode!)

Would love it if this were implemented!