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where is the ghost (clicking) sound from?

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asked Jan 6, 2021 in Studio One+ by junkim19 (120 points)
1. I subscribed presonus sphere.

2. Recorded my voice in a track with layered multiple tracks in it.

3. the clicking sound and any sounds that I don't want it to be is heard

4. so I cut it off that part but still it does sound.

5. I checked layered tracks but it surely muted and I tried to even delete it all but it still sound

6. When I move the event and when I decrease the volume of it. it is not applying on the event.

This is so frustraiting. I might quit the subscription...

1 Answer

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answered Jan 10, 2021 by kyleohair (140 points)
It could be that the metronome feature is active.  There should be a box at the bottom of your window that gives you metronome options, if the triangle is active it is on and clicking.  You can click it to turn it off, it will then be void of the red highlight.  That is the only thing I could think is causing you the issue based on the little information.