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How to use Midi Keyboard "Key Tracking" to Control Pro EQ Frequency Knobs

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asked Jan 7, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jannesd (290 points)
edited Jan 7, 2021 by jannesd
What I would like to do, is to control the frequency knob in the Pro EQ of Studio One by pressing midi notes on my midi keyboard. Since every note on a midi keyboard/piano has a set frequency (as also indicated at the bottom of the new Pro EQ2 frequency spectrum), I would like to be able to assign a frequency knob in the Pro EQ plugin to jump to exactly the frequency corresponding to the midi note I am playing. I've never seen somebody do this, but it would help me a lot with dynamically EQing instruments like an 808 or Synth Pad, since it makes a huge difference to the sound if the adjustments follow the fundamental frequency of whatever chord or note one is playing.

Is there a plugin vst out there that can help me accomplish this or is there even a way included in Studio One that could do something similar?

I'm thankful for every reply that could lead me in the right direction here.

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