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Is there a way to move a fat channel from one computer to another

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asked Jan 10 in Studio One 5 by Mike Allen (230 points)
Is there a way to work on a fat channel in one location on one computer and then transfer the fat channel to another computer? I'm trying to work with each voice and instrument (church worship team) in my home studio and then take it to the church and use on that computer. Thanks. for your help.

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answered Jan 10 by matthewritenburg (13,590 points)

Provided that both of the computers have the same fat channel software installed, it's super easy.  Store a preset, navigate to the location on your computer where the preset is stored, and then copy the preset to the other computer.  The example here shows me saving a "Preset I want to Move"  to the folder "My Presets."  On Windows the default location for this folder is in Documents\Studio One\Presets\PreSonus\Fat Channel\My Presets.   I go to that folder, I can grab the preset named "Preset I want to Move" and send it to the other computer.  You can name the preset anything you want.  If you're on MacOS, you'll have figure out where that folder is.