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Studio On is already running but i can't see it

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 5 by richfowler (120 points)
All I do is push the open software to the bottom of my screen.  When I come back and want to push it back up, i get error message that Studio One is already running.  The only solution that I can find is to reboot my PC.  That is very time consuming.  When I search online for an answer to this problem, I see plenty of questions regarding this problem however I do not see any solutions.

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answered Jan 11 by wesleypeterson (11,030 points)
This sometimes happens on my Win10 machine. I assume it's a bug. If you're on windows, instead of rebooting, right-click on the windows/start button, choose task manager, find Studio One in the list, highlight it and click on end task (bottom right.) Wait a second or two and try opening it again.