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Instrument libraries not found in Notion (demo version)

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asked Jan 15, 2021 in Notion by constancevarner (120 points)
I am a music student in university, Our professor wants us to use Notion and told everyone to get the Demo version (Notion 6). I downloaded it (and the instrument libraries) onto my laptop (Windows 10).  He wants us to import a midi file; I can do that, but Notion says it cannot open the instrument files associated with the score.  When I hit "Play" I don't get any playback.  The cursor moves through the score, but there is no sound. Based on one "Answer" I saw on the web site, I went into the Score Setup and associated Notion instruments with each line of the score.  However, when I exit the Score Setup and hit "Play," I still don't get any audio.  I also tried moving the instrument libraries into the Program Files> directory (under Notion 6>) and then under "Presets."  Of course, I have also tried rebooting my PC. Nothing changes. And, yes, the PC can play audio from other sources. Can anyone tell me that the demo version can/cannot play back from an imported midi file?  Any suggestions for other things to try, to get this working? Thanks!

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