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How do I stop Studio One 5.0 professional from updating to 5.1 etc on Sphere subscription

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asked Jan 18, 2021 in Studio One+ by Mark Damon (120 points)
Manga Audio Powerdrumkit2 (3rd party plug in) and others only show as a black screen in anything over 5.0.0. So I 'rolled back" to this version, but when I go online the system checks for updates and brings me back to the "newer and improved version", which doesn't work with my plug-ins. How do I stop this as it is a pain in the @$$ to have to constantly reinstall the old version?

please help, Thanks

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answered Jan 18, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,880 points)
I don't own Sphere but... You could try unchecking the 'check for updates box' in S1 - Options > General or you could try to add it to Windows Defender Firewall and stop it from having internet access.