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I have Sphere subscription but says Prime and not Professional when I activate with my credentials

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asked Feb 7, 2021 in Studio One+ by nickkolirousis (240 points)

I have a Sphere subscription but my StudioOne says Prime and not Professional when I activate the software with my credentials ...

and yes I have downloaded the correct dmg file from your site..

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answered Feb 7, 2021 by nickkolirousis (240 points)


"You need to manually create the path as follows: click on your hard drive icon, then ... Users, Shared, Library, Application Support, then create a new folder called Presonus, open this folder and create another called Presonus Sphere and try activating again."

Yep, that worked for me.  In my case, I didn't have the "Application Support" folder.  I had to add all of the following:    

...Application Support/Presonus/Presonus Sphere 

Why can't Presonus figure this out?