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Ability to change Mouse and Mouse Wheel Commands in Studio One 4.5 and higher

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asked Jul 10 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by leonstephenson (260 points)

I am a DJ who uses Acid Pro 9, Vegas Pro v16, etc. I also use Samplitude Pro x4. Why? They are so easy to use and user-friendly. I love how you can literally zoom in and out with the mouse wheel only and those apps have the options of adjusting the mouse and wheel with their modification menus just like keyboard modifications.

Will and can we get this feature in Studio One 4? As a newer user, I want to make the complete switch, but I want to create my preferences that lead to simplicity by being able to modify my mouse to with one button zooming.

I do not like the fact I have to press "Shift + Control + Mouse Wheel" to zoom in and out. Can I just simply spin the mouse wheel to do the same or have to option to modify like we can with the keyboard?

Presonus? Can we get this feature?

Thank you..

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