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Ableton Registration Code

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asked Jan 29 in MyPreSonus Questions by pedrosalinas1 (120 points)
when I registered my product, I got a message telling me that I could use Ableton Lite, and underneath was the registration code, I was waiting to download Ableton, I left the page, now I don't know where to find the code to enter it in Ableton.
Please could you help me.
Thank you very much.

3 Answers

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answered Feb 7 by paulharvey4 (140 points)
any ideas on where to find the ableton code....bought an audiotex iTwo, can't find it
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answered Feb 18 by celsofassoni (140 points)
well I had the same issue and looking for a solution I found this question. I figure it out later that Ableton Live key is in the "Products \ Add-ons" in my.presonus page.

hope that helps others.
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answered Feb 28 by miguellondoo (140 points)
It's supposed to be on the Add-Ons page but I can't find it