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Faderport crashes Ableton Live 8.1

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asked Apr 11, 2023 in Studio One 1 by damienveen (120 points)
edited Apr 11, 2023 by damienveen
I get this controller 2 years ago and I put it aside because it crashed my Ableton Live 8.1 by freezing. I use Ableton Live 8.1 because I have all my VST's that I didnt updgrade and I have the habit of it ; with an i7 on windows 7 it is light and works awesome. But with the Faderport connect to USB 2.0 with all settlement done of universal control ; interfaced preferences made properly - restarted at least 10 times from the overall  start-up routine 1°/ press ARM power up ; recognized by the software Faderport ; 2°/ then open Ableton Live just waiting for RAM to load complete all the samples and instruments prebuffers of the song then settled. I will press play OK and it rolls ; I try to navigate thru the overall track with RTZ and then each time same freeze : "CRASHED". It blocks the software that doesn't respond anymore and I have to force quit ; power-down the Faderport and try to start again. If I had known that this version 2.0 "was only working correctly" with Ableton 9, 10 : I would have bought the version 1 at a second hand price. All looks very prettish and a soft contol dev. but I am really disappointed ; I only work with Ableton Live and it defects. After 20 trials you really get tired of the stuff : put back the PRESONUS  boxed and do not look at it again anymore unless you will bargain...

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