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I cant create a support ticket my ticket numbers #650121 #650115 #649771

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asked Feb 8, 2021 in Studio One 5 by stephenpaytas (120 points)
I have 5 artist it has no show page I create ticket it emails response I got to click it it says no ticket opps something went wrong.

Plus the downloader from the presonus page isnt working. I dont get it how everything can quit I did have and old email then i changed it then I changed it again which im thinking could be the issue to many emails maybe suspicious but i have no problem getting to the the page with my products and the like I just cant get it to create support ticket. I was able to download the studio 1 5 program again just not add ons so im going to install over top of old and see what happens but what about the rest? my time is limited and this is killing me. thanks

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