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Read the description from the PreSonus Store on Amazon

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asked Feb 10, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by radenney (140 points)
edited Feb 10, 2021 by radenney

It WAS Kevlar
The original E5's "good" woofer even had a name that was dropped from the description. The K100.

The new XT description says; "The familiar woven composite low-frequency driver..."
NO Presonus, it is decidedly NOT familiar. It is an inferior imposter and you have NOT duped ME.

Maybe they are phasing info on the Kevlar K100 woofer out of the description of the original E5, to avoid making the XT look bad? You can clearly see that different materials were used.

(Despite this disappointment, my XT is arriving today, along with a pair of the 3.5 monitors for my home computer. I like the bigger size of the box for enhanced bass, along with the enhanced waveguide... and Zzounds doesn't offer the original E5 anyway.)

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