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Removing Revelator from stand -- open hole

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asked Feb 11, 2021 in Revelator Series by davidwellerstein (170 points)
Hi all...

When I removed the Revelator mic from the stand, the side of the mic is left with the large opening from the attachment point to the stand.  This is not only quite unsightly but I'm concerned about things (dirt/dust) getting in there over time.  Is the bolt meant to be fitted to it after removal?  If so, I can't remove it from the stand.  Suggestions/thoughts?


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answered Feb 12, 2021 by iprmirzg (450 points)

You'll find a small rubber ring under the stand. Remove it and plug it into the mounting hole of the microphone.


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answered Feb 12, 2021 by davidwellerstein (170 points)
edited Feb 12, 2021 by davidwellerstein
Thank you so much for that!  I just checked the documentation in the box again and there is no mention of that little plug.  What a difference it makes to the aesthetic.  Can't thank you enough but I seriously wonder why it isn't mentioned anywhere.  I was seriously considering returning it based almost solely on that ugly hole!