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Revelator io24 with Eris 3.5 can't work on Windows11

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asked Dec 4, 2023 in Revelator Series by kristflrinc (120 points)

I have a Presonus Revelator io24, which I use for the Presonus PD-70 microphone, and I want to connect a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5 speakers with 6.3 mm jack. The configuration also includes an Epos wired headset, but it's wired directly to the PC.

The symptom is that I can't play any sound through the Revelator to make the Eris play the audio. I ran through the manual, some Youtube videos to find the correct setting, but my problem still exists. The strangest thing is that when I change the output in Windows from the headphones to any of the Revelator's outputs (Playback, Virtual A or B), the video stops, Spotify can't play music, etc. (I literally have an error message in Spotify) As soon as I switch back to headphones everything works fine. I don't understand how the output device can affect whether the playback goes or not... I used to have a Presonus AudioboxGO interface, in the same setup, and everything worked with it for a good 1.5 years.

I suspect that the problem is somewhere in the mixer of the sound card, but no matter how much I experiment, no matter how many settings I try, no matter how I try to work something out with the mixing channels, the same thing always happens. Occasionally I manage to get it to work, then it works as long as the current playback is in progress. If I stop it, it won't start again after a short break - with unchanged settings - and I need to start over until it plays audio again. Sometimes I just give up, and use the headphones anyway

Could you help me where I should look for the problem?

Revelator has the latest firmware, Universal Control also has been updated to the most recent version. Win11 runs the latest version too.

Thanks in advance!

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