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Why am I getting distorted, garbled sound?

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asked Feb 18 in Studio One 5 by billgarvin (130 points)
I have an issue between my audio interface, which is a Lexicon Lambda, and Studio One 5 software. The Lexicon works fine with other programs, including an older version of Studio One, version 2. Studio One 5 works fine with the desktop's internal speakers, Studio One worked fine with the Lexicon for months. Hard drive is half full, cpu isn't working hard at all. I have tried re-booting, also tried uninstalling, reinstalling Studio One and the Lexicon, still have garbled, distorted sound.

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answered Feb 18 by redmisery (140 points)
I am also experiencing the same issue.

Garbled, warping distortion on some random parts of the song.
When the tracks are played individually, they sound fine. But during playback and mixdown, they reappear.

I'm using Studio One 5 Artist, laptop on the low end with only 4 GB RAM and AMD A12 processor.

I tried lowering the audio setting to 44.1 kHz and sample rate 1024 on both the Studio One Universal Control/Audio Box setting and the project setting. Didn't solve the issue.

Secondly, I tried shutting down my computer and leaving the saved project overnight.
When I first boot up the computer the next day, I instantly load up the DAW and print the mix down.
It sounded fine then, so I thought I figured it out.

But when I made some changes to the project and used the same method above, the cursed garble returned.
In fact, there are more garbles than it was previously. It is frustrating.

If anyone have any other solution, it would be much appreciated.