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Inline MIDI editing

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asked Mar 12, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by chancekaye (3,270 points)

Studio One supports inline audio editing in the arrange view as well as the dedicated edit view. This FR is for the addition of inline MIDI editing in the arrange view.

In many respects inline MIDI editing is even more useful because of the inherent tweakabiliy of MIDI data. Being able to quickly fix a note length or velocity while maintaining context in the arranger would be a big enhancement to workflow. Inline MIDI editing also enables a clean way to do multipart editing -- with parts stacked in rows.

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answered Mar 12, 2016 by Skip Jones (161,720 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other.