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external / hardware instruments (i.e. "instrument" type of pipeline object)

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asked Mar 13, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by nielsdettenbach (770 points)
It would be really helpful to many of us with (analog) hardware MIDI instrument users to get a "instrument" object which allows the easy integration of real midi hardware instruments.

This way it would be possible to use external instruments as any other software instrument. With a working realtime freeze it would allow to work independently form the instrument hardware on projects as with software instruments

For now i've build a workaround with (open source) CTRLR VST/AU plugin / panel which allows me to route the MIDI out to dedicated instruments) and combined it within a multi with a s1 pipeline object to get the audio back onto the track. For my different instruments i saved Multi instruments as "presets" for each instrument.

This works with "bounce to new track" which is really nice so far, but having freeze working realtime would be killer.

Unfortunately S1 seems not to recognize the hardware pipeline yet and uses real time bouncing - if S! would allow real time bouncing (at least be selection) this would be killer feature.

If someone would test / use my CTRLR panel / mini helper for MIDI pls contact me over the forum - will share the MIDI helper VST software ("MIDI-OUT") free for anyone. But it would be nice to get a pipeline object from Presonus byself instead which allows to route MIDI to the outside too and could act as an software instrument.

many thanks,


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answered Mar 14, 2016 by Skip Jones (163,280 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

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answered Sep 23, 2016 by Scoox (12,430 points)
I'm considering buying a Yamaha Reface DX and the question I kept asking myself was: how the heck do I recall synth state when I open up a project that uses the Reface DX?

So I went googling and I came across CTRLR, but at the moment I don't have the time nor the will to hack something together (mainly because at the moment I don't own any hardware).

So I have upvoted this request because, even though m
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answered Nov 7, 2017 by akademiarealizacji (690 points)
Most needed feature for me!!

At the moment using external synths in S1 is completely garbage!

The most annoying thing is the external instrument isn't latency compensated! ,which means that everytime you add a latency hungry plugin to your mix you will need to adjust midi delay of your external isntrument (over and over again).

Recording external instruments to audio is also broken!

Recorded audio is completely off the grid , you need to set midi delay to 0ms to record it properly...

Bouncing of external instruments is a huge mess!!! why is there a real time bounce option ? when it's rendering audio off the grid...

Come on Presonus you can do it better!!
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answered Jan 3, 2018 by tuzemec (200 points)
Can't vote up this enough.

In the age of so much external and affordable instruments it's a shame that Studio One lags behind.

Makes me switch to Ableton Live when I want to just jam with all my gear.