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Why when I create a new presence track and instrument do i still hear the old sound?

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asked Feb 26 in Studio One 5 by matthewhartle (120 points)
For example, I make a bass track with presence on track 3.  Then I want a flute on track 4.  I load up presence in track 4 with a flute sound, which I hear, but it also plays those same notes on the bass as well.  it is as though the akai is holding the bass tone over to the new track.

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answered Feb 27 by colinotoole (8,230 points)
You need to set the midi input for the first track you made to 'none' in the little drop down menu on the instrument. I presume, as you are hearing the sounds as you play, you had already set the midi input for the next track to your controller keyboard?