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How can I route a recorded kick trigger audio track into Presence sampler?

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asked Mar 2, 2016 in Studio One 2 by nate santa (170 points)
i have recorded a kick drum trigger.  Now I wish to use the samples within Studio One using the Presence sampler.

I am trying to use the kick trigger to activate the Presence sampler but am having no luck.

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answered Apr 13, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,900 points)
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You have to convert the audio transients to midi notes.

1.  Analyze the audio transients of the recording using the Transient detection toolbar, make the necessary maker placement adjustments with the slider.

2. Create a new instrument track and drag the clip to it, it will create midi notes.

3. Pitch the midi notes to whatever note the kick drum responds to (typically C1 for GM drums) and assign or put an instance of Presence (with a drum program) on the track.

Note:  The method described above only works with the Transient Detection toolbar which may not exist in some versions lower than Studio One Professional like Studio One Free or Prime.