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Window that shows all routing and automations inside project

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Mixing by qhahgycx (710 points)

New window that contains all information about routing and automations inside project.

Useful when you open old project and you have NO IDEA what is going on! What kind of routing inside, what kind of automations, which tracks contain automation, what plugins and parameters are automated. Sometimes I fell myself as a blind kitten. I just can`t understand how my old mix works.  Would you prefer  to click on every track to check does it have automation of any kind or simply open dedicated window?

I want to open window that will show all automation inside my project. I want to be able to filter\sort it by tracks\parameters (volume\pan)\plugins, etc. Option "Show in project" which will open that particular automation track.

As for routing: it can be simple routing Matrix (Reaper), but also I would like to see beautiful GRAPH where each track would be represented as rectangular figure, and those boxes be connected with "wires" (sends). AUX sends and BUS sends must be in different colors. BUSes, AUX and ordinary tracks should have slightly different shape. This feature will GREATLY improve mixing experience in SO. It would be so much intuitive and fast because it will help to visualize whole routing mechanic inside project.

Almost forgot: window that shows all Track Notes inside project would be great to have too :)

Like, what is the point of track notes if you forget which tracks has notes anyway?

You open old Project, open this windows and see all notes inside your project. Simple.

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