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Project Routing Grid window

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asked Sep 12, 2021 in Mixing by qhahgycx (710 points)
edited Sep 15, 2021 by qhahgycx

Please, add window which will show project routing grid (like one in Reaper). And tab which will switch from grid to graphical representation: tracks shown as boxes, sends as lines (arrows) which connect tracks to busses, sends to AUX have different color. So we would have visual intuitive scheme of project (Reaper has it as well).

Also, separete window (or tab inside routing window) which will show list all of automation tracks inside project. Complete info which tracks/plugins they attached to, to which parameters.

Sometimes, when I open old project (or project from another person) I can't find all automations (especily if they exist as stanfalone tracks). I see that some BUSes have automation, but that track is lost somewhere among audio tracks, it is just mess. Very hard to find and figure out which plugin/parameter is automated. I need just simple window that will show list of all active automations inside project. Easy and intuitive.

EDIT  Would be nice to have, also, tab which will show list of all "transformed to audio" tracks in case they avalible to be restored as normal tracks (if you want to bring back your plugins). You open project, open this window and see list of such tracks. Handy.

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answered Mar 7 by qcmjerix (990 points)
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I also think a routing diagram would be good (and several other things you write). I usually store various information (channels, routing, plugins) for the finished mixes, but only in text form (with my own application).

Based on your writing, I became interested in the diagram again, and since I now had some free time, I started working on it out of curiosity (as a programmer). I got this far in about a week. Based on dynamic (currently fake) data, it creates something similar to a chart. Connections: Red = Output, Blue = Send, Green = Side-chain. (elements can be moved)

A lot of things still need to be done: rearranging, displaying additional information, replacing placeholders (e.g. Mono/Stereo, Input gain, etc.) with real display and many more. All in all, several months of work for one person, and it's only working on Windows. I only thought it important to note all of this because due to the amount of work, it probably won't be implemented in the current version of Studio One (6). The number of votes is also very small.

I probably won't continue this app either.

UPDATE (for the sake of completeness)

I also dealt with the matrix a little (the larger thing is a tooltip).


The finished software: