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Studio one program change latency

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jean-franoissternon (200 points)
I use studio one's program change function to change presets on my guitar amp modeler while playing live (in order not to need a footswitch).
The problem is that there is a latency associated with the change of preset (i.e. a gap with no sound) which is really noticable when happening during a song. It is probably something in the 10 ms range, but this is only an educated guess.
How can I get rid of this latency issue ?
Just to be clear, there is absolutely no latency when changing presets manually while playing. Latency only occurs when using program change/midi command to switch presets...

BTW I'm using studio one 3 as my daw and an audiobox itwo as my audio interface

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