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Simple action to send Bank/Program Change Numbers for all External Instrument Tracks

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asked Jul 9, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by christianbck (250 points)

First I really like Studio One, except when it comes to sending Program Change or MIDI Controllers to an External Device.

I use the feature to configure a Bank and Program Change on a Track level. Coming from other DAWs it was always a bit strange that Studio One only sends the configured Program Change when you open the Song, but not when you start playing, but that is fine for me, as usually this is sufficient. The cumbersome thing is following:

I really like that Studio One nicely can deal with setting my PC in Sleep mode. But then I also switch off my external device (Roland RD800). Now when I wake up my PC, the song is still open in Studio One, the keyboard of course has lost the Program Numbers. So  each time after Sleep mode, I can only close and reopen the song (which takes some time), or I select each of the MIDI tracks and e.g. increment and decrement the Program Number in the Inspector. As I only have 2-3 external MIDI tracks I mostly do the dummy change workaround.

I know I could add a Program Change event in a Part Automation or Track Automation, but that is too hidden for me and external MIDI device automation is not the right place where I want to configure the Program for the whole track.

It would be of great help to have one simple action that re-sends bank and program numbers to external devices where 'Program' is enabled on the track.



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