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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Studio One 1 by spiker01 (160 points)
Sometimes, but not every time, Studio One 5.1 does not save my SD3 midi drum tracks..but other times it does, and there doesn't seem to be any reason for this. I add to project, Master in the Project page, Digital release an MP3 or a as..and then the next time I open that drums..what is going on?

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answered Jun 28, 2021 by michaeldouglas9 (310 points)
I am having almost the same problem as you. When i open up the project page and drag and drop a song to be mastered it transfers everything except the drum which are SD3 just like you. Have you fixed your problem?
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answered Jun 29, 2021 by spiker01 (160 points)

Ok, so I've learned a few things since then. One, is to make sure you "save" the song page before adding it to the project. If you don't hear the midi drums on the Project Page..right click on the wave, and select "Edit Song". This will take you directly back to the song page, where you can check levels..maybe forgot to hit save..make sure the mute isn't engaged on the track, or just simply change any parameter so slightly but enough engage the "save" feature again..then go to the upper right hand corner of the and select "Project" That takes you right back to the Project page where you see the red wrench above the and to the left of the wave. Click on that and it should update along with the drums. So far this has been working for me. And its so weird because it only happens once in a while...but that's once in while too many times. But watch Gregor explain the proper way to save:

Hope this helps!