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SPDIF clicks on studio 68c even though I'm doing everything right, help !

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by maximethibault (220 points)

I have a lot of clicks when recording through the S/PDIF in on my Studio 68c (which is brand new) and works fine apart from this. Here's the setup:

Guitar amplifier -> UA OX -> SPDIF cable -> SPDIF in on Studio 68c through the little dongle thing -> Dell XPS 9360 laptop running Studio One 5.2

Everything is up to date on firmware and running the latest version of all software.

So far I have checked:

-I have set the Clock source to SPDIF instead of internal in Universal Control

-I use a 6 foot cable designed for SPDIF (this specificially , it's even written on the cable that it's a 75 ohm, digital audio cable)

-I have set the sample rate to 44.1 kHz in Studio One, as stated in the UA OX manual it outputs audio at this sample rate, any other rate buzzes horribly.

-Everything is connected to the same power outlet, through a Furman power bar (this: )

-In order to test where the clicks come from, I have tested a Studio One session with a single stereo track with no plugins and I'm hearing the clicks in the track, they are recorded and are not generated by Studio One.

-Recording audio through any other source on the Studio 68c, in the same session, results in pristine audio. I can even record at the same time through the line outs on the OX and the SPDIF in, the track from the line outs is fine but the SPDIF track has clicks.

-I have tried all buffer size options, to no avail.

I am completely at a loss. Has anyone experienced this ? Is the Studio 68c just a crappy interface for digital recording ?

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