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MIDI Drum View is in the way also Impact XT is great, but no Pad Layer delay/offset? Please Help!

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in MIDI Editing by ozrichardson (770 points)

Firstly =============================================

I'm quite stumped that there's no way delaying or offsetting the triggering of pad layers.

When layering drum samples (e.g. claps and snares), playback delay/offset and filtering are of the utmost importance.

Please add a delay or trigger offset parameter to Impact XT pad layers.

- Side note:  I actually find it quite redundant to have two forms of start and end offsets, yet no layer delay/nudge/offset.

Secondly =============================================

Another thing.  This "drum view" for the midi editor is very rigid in the way it works and is quite an obstacle.

Many users name notes for various reasons, other than just triggering one-shot drum samples.


1) Midi Keytriggers which are preferred to be shown on piano roll instead of Variation Events

- Examples:

(i) Plugin Boutique's Scaler (naming and coloring notes based on scale degree: Tonic/Sub-Dominant/Dominant, etc.).  

(ii) Feel Your Music Melodic Flow (note names based on notes of the played chord and chord transpositions).

(iii) ...

- This is easy to do in other DAWs, but now,  with Studio One now bottlenecking multiple features (note naming, and triangle trigger view) into one, Drum View,

- Other workflows, that use these features are pretty much dead in this DAW.  

2) Key/Note ranges.

- Examples:

(i) Orchestral/ensemble note ranges

(ii) keyboard splitting of instruments

(iii) MIDI note repeat fx

(iv) ...

One step forward doesn't have to be 2 steps back in other ways.   

So please....

1) remove this "Drum View".  

2) And make the square/triangle view a toggleable option

3) Always allow the naming of notes

4) Provide the options to

(a) See all notes

(b) See only named notes/pitches

(c) See only used notes (e.g. Ableton's Fold)

(d) and possibly (not as priority): See only notes of Scale (if Scale is chosen and not following chords)

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