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Please, please add Midi clock offset (positive and negative) per port

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asked Aug 16, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by liamduggan (680 points)

Asking again because this issue is stopping me buying Studio one 5 and I really want to.

I love everything about Studio One but I use multiple external sequencers and need to be able to offset their clocks. Its important to do this in the jamming/creation stage and not just record audio and re-sync afterwards.

I'm sure many other electronic producers have the same problem.

I really want to transfer to Studio one.

Please, please.

Thanks, Liam.

2 Answers

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answered Sep 18, 2021 by jayhlane (1,060 points)
I have the same issue. I'm syncing to tape via MTC in, and sending midi clock out to start drum machines. I would like the clock to start on the 1, not before that during negative bars. The song always shows time from 0 so if you use Set Bar offset to cursor (thank you!) you're sequence starts on the one at lets say 01:00:00.00, but asa the tape pre roll goes before 1  the screen shows it but also starts the clock right away at the first bar played even if its negative and before the 1
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answered Jan 30, 2022 by jasonmartin19 (590 points)
+1 on this! This is an important feature for hardware-based studios