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Help! My StudioLive 24ai board during playback via firewire S800 has Static-like noises

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asked Mar 15, 2016 in Ai Mixers by ronaldsimon (180 points)
I have a new StudioLive mixer 24.4.2ai.  I ran the latest update that was presented to me when I registered the mixer a few weeks ago.  That update is firmware 7786.  I ran it from presonus site - (My Account)....
 However; once the mixer is connected to my PC (via firewire S800) and is set as my default sound device, I hear static noises during playback... even through the headphones.  

My PC specs are:

Windows 10 - 64 Bit

Quad Core - AMD A10 - 7800 Radeon R7

8gb Ram

3.5 ghz speed

I'm playing back through the firewire (firestudio).  The noise is loud and sound like heavy static.

What am I doing wrong?



1 Answer

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answered Mar 15, 2016 by AlexTinsley (906,400 points)
If this worked before and this just started happening then please do a firmware recovery on your console.

Here are a few more things to check:

Make sure you are using a 1394 card that is supported:

If you're using DAW software, make sure your Buffer is not set too low.

Also make sure your system can handle real time audio:

Read more about how other devices on your computer like HDMI, Network, etc can interfere with real time audio: