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If I use a soundest from sphere can I download it for later use when not subscribe?

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asked Mar 25, 2021 in Studio One+ by tomvogel (240 points)
"Before you cancel, check your songs and projects PreSonus plug-ins (Ampire, Channel Strip Collection, Fat Channel XT, etc), as well as add-ons like the Spark Collection sample packs, and Tom Brechtlein drums... just to name a few. You will unfortunately lose these products as well.   Also, make sure you download any files uploaded to your workspaces here. Once your membership is canceled, you will no longer have access to your files." Presonus

So does this mean while using the subscription I can download samples from the sound sets onto and external drive for later use when not subscribed or do I loose all access via the samples are locked or not available when not subscribed.  For example I use music loops and an audio loop from soundest with subscription. Are the samples part of the project and can be imported to another project that has been started after sphere has been cancelled.  So I can download to HD samples during subscription to use when not subscribed when cancelled?

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answered Mar 27, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi there.  To clear any confusion for you.  While you are subscribed to Sphere you have limited access to everything Presonus has to offer.  It will be limited to the maximum term of your subscription.  When you end your subscription you will lose all sample packs, Presence patches, Impact patches and music loops that you have not purchased a perpetual licence for.   If you have, for example, a perpetual licence for Artist but use Sphere for the pro features, then when sphere ends for you, you will only have what came with your artist licence.  My advice is to finish your mixes and export them as songs.  That way you keep your songs even if you don't keep everything from the project files.