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Crackling sound on reverb, usual solutions don't work

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asked Mar 26, 2021 in Studio One 5 by Redarno (150 points)
I have a serious crackling problem with the room reverb plugin that kind of appeared out of the blue.

It appears wether the effect is insert or send

I have tried everything that's supposed to work :

increased/decreased buffer/bloc size (went from 512 to 2048[which is max on for me] : no change),

changed sampling/drop out protection, bit treatment (48 to 44.1, Minimal to max and back, no change)

updated the drivers, de activated potentially conflicting sound devices, the crackling is still the same whatever I do.

My tracks are all set at -6dB by default and it doesn't seem like clipping occurs.

The problem first occured on a kick, but is present on anything (vsts, synth, voice recordings, samples)

I even tried turning wifi and bluetooth off...

it's still here and it's also here on render. The CPU use doesn't exceed 5% when processing the effect.

Now where it goes into x-files territory is,

the FL studio/Magix Vegas (video editing software) reverbs don't have any crackling.

I have also used guitar rig 5 reverbs instead and even though it's not as present as in room reverb, it's definitely here,

the problem seems to be specific to studio one (5.2)

I have windows 10

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz and 16Go RAM

Can someone help me please ? i'm at a loss here...

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answered Jun 11, 2021 by richardfroemming (200 points)
I've been going round and round with Support for days on this very issue.  The answer they gave was "improper" use of reverb, ie "too many."  They suggested that you only use a couple different reverbs and route all the various tracks to them.  I said,"but what if I want a more spacial reverb for like guitar or keyboard, and then a slightly shallower one for horns, and maybe even a shorter one for snare drums? I told them I saw nothing in the User Manual regarding the actual "use" of the reverb; what was "too much," nor have I seen a tutorial video on this, nor found anything in the forums.  Anyway, that's their answer.  I guess on the next song, I'll monitor things as I add additional channels and FX and see what develops.