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monitoring and recording has reverb without any effects placed on the track

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asked Sep 24, 2020 in Studio One 5 by jaqobharris (120 points)
so i'm currently using studio one prime and when i start a new project and record just using my computer without anything else as a setup, the playback is completely dry like it should be. it doesn't add any reverb to the track unless i go and add it.

When I record using my mic with my steinberg audio interface (ur44c) and am listening to it through my headphones, it has reverb on it. even when i'm not recording and i'm just talking into the mic and listening to it on my headphones there's reverb on it.

 I've opened a new project, tried unplugging the interface, went into my i/o settings, and nothing fixes it. i'm still relatively new at this so i'm kind of just going through everything i know even if it doesn't make any sense for why it would be the cause of this issue. at this point. i've been trying for days and have looked up youtube videos and everything but it still isn't recording or monitoring my vocals dry.

i tried using a different mic too but nothing works! if anyone has any idea for why this is happening and how to fix it i'd really appreciate the help :(

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answered Sep 25, 2020 by colinotoole (16,390 points)
Hi. I see that your interface has built in 'DSP effects' and 'zero-latency monitoring with effects for every DAW'. If you have not added any effects in Studio One, I can only guess that the effects on the interface are coming in to play.