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Alesis Crimson II drumkit midi interface - playback issue

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asked Apr 4 in Studio One 5 by peterkoulos (120 points)
I have connected my Alesis Crimson II e-drums via USB to the Studio One 5 DAW. I have set up the keyboard and instrument interfaces. I can record the drums into the DAW, but when I play back it comes back as GM Midi piano through the audio interface and it does not play back to the Alesis drum sounds from the controller.

I have selected the drum instrument for the track and also set the GM Controller to off on the Alesis unit.

I have not been able to find any guide on whether I need to try and map the controller to a particular midi address table or do I need to download an interface like EZ Drummer? I'd appreciate any assistance or guidance on how I can get the drums to sound like the drums in Studio One.

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