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Crackling from headphone Jack - replaced box and headphones, still crackling

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asked Apr 11, 2021 in AudioBox USB by aharonfears (120 points)
Hello, I ordered a presonuus audio box 96 usb from Sweetwater and here is the story so far: I have sennheiser headphones and since day 1 of the new audio box and headphones I’ve had crackling badly in any music played from my pc. We have replaced the audio box and the headphones. I have updated my motherboard (an ASRock brand) with their Realtek audio update and the AMD chipset driver updates. Still cracking. I hook up the box to my wife’s Mac book air and no crackling. Sounds great. Hook it up to my PC and it crackles through headphones (through audio box headphone output). I’m new to this field and trying to do voice overs and singing. I’ve read maybe USB ports might be an issue??? I dont know. I’m at my wits end and I have 800$ worth of gear just sitting here because I’ve gotten nowhere and no solid help. Please, please help. I hope all this info helps.

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answered Apr 16, 2021 by normanriley (4,920 points)
I had this problem once ... I tracked it down to different cords (e.g., guitar, power, headphones, etc.) crossing over each other - I guess some were not as well shielded as others. Try separating all your cords so that none touch. It might solve your problem.  If not, try switching out your cords one at a time.  Clearly the issue is not with the audio box if it sounds great on the Mac but not your other computer.