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Studio One isn't showing up for me after installing Audiobox USB 96?

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asked Apr 26, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jordanrivera (130 points)
The manual for Audiobox usb 96 says I'm supposed to get a free version of Studio One Artist?  But I was never prompted for download or anything after registering the Audiobox.  It's not showing up in the available software downloads in my account either.  Can you help me?  Thank you.

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answered May 3, 2021 by tothrec (31,680 points)
When you go to the, nothing appears, but when you go to you see your AudioBox and the registration date?

I have an AudioBox 96, but don't recall how I was instructed to download/install Artist.  Is there a card or something else on the box with your Artist registration number?